My Have a Laxative Effect

09 Nov

I have to warn you straight away, I have some sort of terrible plague; I am coming off a night of fitful, delirious sleep and haven’t been brave enough to eat anything but a small cup of apple sauce so far today so I may get a little weirder than is normal for me. Speaking of fitful, delirious sleep, in addition to having strange dreams about garbage day that involved talking in my sleep about bacon wrapped cheese, inkpads, and jolly good rogerings (poor Big Orange), I also had a nightmare about smoking!

I dreamt that I found and old pack of cigarettes with a lighter in a drawer and just lit up without even thinking about it like it was the most natural thing in the world. I didn’t realize what I was doing until I was about halfway through the cigarette but after I got over the shock I decided I should just finish it.  Then, because I had smoked one I decided to smoke the rest of the pack (there were like three or four in the pack) and then had to go through the whole withdrawal process to quit again! It was horrible!

So I am still having the weird edema thing and though my hands and right foot are puffy as well, it is still the left foot and ankle that are out of control. I went back to the doctor for a follow up and she still had nothing helpful to say. She referred me to the sleep clinic for a consultation because even though the echocardiogram didn’t show any fluid around my heart, the heart issue that is caused by sleep apnea can be missed in that test. Frankly, I feel like we are grasping at straws here and it is pissing me off.

Because this weird edema started within days of me quitting smoking I can’t help but feel like it is somehow related. I am not usually one to look up anything medical online because that is a slippery fucking slope that could land your ass in hypochondria town, but I want answers that I am not getting so I decided to search for “edema + smoking cessation” and was relieved to find that I am not the only person this has happened to! I didn’t find anything about this on a reputable/solid medical research sites and I am keeping that in mind, but I did find smoking cessation forums full of people who have the same story I have and one that said it was pretty common for this to happen and it would go away on its own eventually.

I will go to my sleep apnea consultation even though I don’t think I have it or need the sleep test but I am going to be discussing this with my doctor for sure! She told me that if this last test doesn’t give us any answers then we are done, which means that I have edema that is way worse on one side than the other and they can’t figure out why. For now I am taking water pills, which are working, and continuing with a low sodium diet. It would be nice to have a reason for this and an end in sight but I guess you can’t always get what you want.

On a lighter and more hilarious note, I have been unusually gassy since I quit smoking. I did read that gassiness is a symptom a lot of people have when quitting cigarettes and that it eventually goes away but mine has been getting progressively worse over the last month. I am constantly farting, and not just dainty little toots either! I sound like a fog horn! Not only are they obnoxiously loud farts, they stink! Bad! This is not like me at all. My husband and son make fun of my wimpy farts and tell me they stink in a cute girly sort of way. It has gotten so bad that I brought this up at my Dr. appointment on Monday too. She kind of laughed but this is pretty concerning to me. She couldn’t think of a reason this was happening but told me to eat more fiber.

I was rather annoyed by this and still concerned about my endless farting when I happened to glance at the back of a bag of cough drops that was on my desk. I read drug facts while I was waiting for a file to upload and saw this.

Excessive consumption may have laxative effect”… I have been eating a lot of cough drops lately so I asked Big Orange (my husband) if he thought my cough drop consumption could be considered excessive and he laughed at me. He laughed hard! I didn’t realized just how many cough drops I have been chomping down in the last month or two but he tells me he has been buying me three to four bags of them a week for at least a month and  half! This means that I have been eating anywhere between 30 and 45 sugarless cough drops a day! The moment Big Orange pointed out how many cough drops I have been eating I realized that I have unknowingly replaced cigarettes with cough drops!

30-45 cough drops a day for a month and a half is a lot of cough drops but since there are no dose instructions or recommendations on the bag I really don’t know if that is what Halls would consider excessive consumption or not so much like the cigarettes I walked away from two months ago, I decided to quit the cough drops cold turkey. That was two days ago and I am happy to report that my crazy gas seems to have gone away! Woot!

On that celebratory note, I am going to go eat some chicken soup and toast, and then I am going back to bed. Hopefully this stupid flu is gone soon because I have shit to do!

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