Froggy Piddle

04 Jun

I should be in bed sleeping right now but I have a few things on my mind that are going to keep me up if I don’t get them off my chest before I lay down. I am thinking a lot about tomorrow. When I wake up and make steel cut oats with dried blueberries in it for my son before school, it will be the last time I get up and make my son breakfast as a high school student. When the dog runs around the house barking like a maniac and runs to the car to do his favorite, very most important job, of getting the boy to school, it will be the last time he gets to do that job (this involves the aforementioned barking and a little head butting  in the back of the legs on the way to the car; riding to the school on The Boy’s lap, refusing to voluntarily get out of the boy’s lap when it is time to drop him off, barking at all the kids walking too close to his boy while safely protected by the armor of the car, and then running in the house to report back to me about his job well done). This is all very bitter sweet. I am trying not to be one of those blubbering moms who cries at the drop of a hat, but let’s face it, I am one of those blubbering mom’s who cries at the drop of a hat. I just use not so cleverly placed yawns in an attempt to cover up my weepiness with the “water eyes” excuse. Seeing how excited The Boy is takes a little of the sting away because I love to see him so happy. I am just going to try and take a deep breath and enjoy his accomplishment through my tears.

I wanted to give you all a quick update on how my physical therapy went and what I did today… it was a busy day full of good stuff! Physical therapy went great! I like this guy. He knows I am willing to give this situation 100% and had some very insightful things to say to me. I think what made me the happiest about this visit was that he gave me hope about my edema issue. He didn’t make promises but he did tell me it is fixable. I have a lot of work to do but I think I am feeling good about where this is going. Oh! And he confirmed my suspicions about the edema coming about because I quit smoking. In fact, he was a little irritated by the fact that my medical doctors acted like it couldn’t have anything to do with it. He took my history and he asked me more about the onset of the edema and how soon after I quit smoking it happened… I told him I thought it was a little to coincidental that it began three days after I quit and that because smoking effects your circulatory system it made perfect sense to me that this had something to do with that. He looked at me like I was nuts and said “of course it does!”

Long story short, I have some exercises to do to strengthen that joint. I talked with him about my weight loss goals and exercise goals, which he was very happy about. I do have orders to elevate my foot above my heart once an hour for three minutes. Realistically, that probably isn’t going to happen every hour on the hour but I will do it as often as possible. I also have to start wearing compression stocking (something I have been trying to avoid) but I will not be doing this outside my house (I am a little too vain for that yet).  The god thing about that is that I don’t leave my house that often so I should be wearing them most of the time.

The best part of my day was what happened after my PT appointment though! I talked Big Orange into going to Aqua Aerobics with me! He was resistant at first and even got a bit pissed off at me, but he went and we had a great time! I only had a little trouble with a few of the exercises (the ones I was supposed to spin in a circle on…. The instructor told me I don’t have to spin and to not feel like I have to). All of the ladies we met were very helpful. Everyone was helpful! And kind. It was a great workout and it was nice to have my husband’s support. It was good to see him moving too! I did learn one lesson… when one takes a water pill it is pretty important to make sure that you empty your bladder before getting in the pool to do the aerobics! I am not going to lie… about half way through I started squirting a little pee every with every “frog hop” I did.

What I didn’t do was die because a room full of strangers saw me in my swimsuit. I didn’t fall down because I was in the water and that part is rad! And I didn’t feel embarrassed by what I couldn’t do.  Big Orange had promised to go once a week with me for now.  My goal is three times a week so I will have to figure out the bus thing to get there and back until he decides he wants to get up early and go on the mornings that he works. It looks like this is going to be a summer full of tackling fears for me. But first I have to get through these classes and finish school myself! Wish me luck on all accounts and I will talk to you all again when I am able to pull my nose out of the books in a couple more weeks.


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