Shoes Glorious Shoes or More Shoes?!?!?!?

19 Sep

Like a set of scruffy, twin, orphan boys surviving on nothing but gruel, who dared to ask for something more, my poor feet have been pounced, trounced, AND picked up and bounced! And over the last here months the problem has traveled up my legs and to my hips. It has gotten so bad that I started doing research and discovered that I was getting shin splints in addition to the plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and sharp arch pains. I have tried insoles. I just got new shoes in July after the last pair was deemed unsafe and part of my ankle issues by the physical therapist I was seeing for the ankle pain I already had when this new shit started. I have been reduced to ice packs and crying more times than is safe to admit to and keep my “tough girl” title.

When I addressed this with the physical therapist I was seeing and again with my doctor they seemed to be inclined to think that it was the result of my weight and was just something I needed to power through until I lost enough weight to make all the pain stop. Because I have been so down on myself lately I was more than willing to believe that… for a while anyway. It is when the pain seemed to be increasing that I stopped and really thought about it and realized that A. this pain and the issues sort of hit me all of the sudden. And B. I was just as fat before the problem started as I am now (actually, a little fatter)! Long story short I started looking up my symptoms together rather than individually and I started seeing the words “underpronation and supination”. It was only when my friend Brenda commented that it seemed like I was walking with all my weight on the outsides of my feet during one of our afternoon walks that I really started digging into this problem.

To speed this along I will just cut to the chase. My medical professionals were so quick to dismiss my complaints as a weight related issue that they caused me three months of pain I could have dealt with by simply investing in a new pair of fucking shoes. After two sets of specialty insoles and hours of research it was a kid working in the shoe department at Dick’s Sporting Goods that put the pieces together for me. It seems the Adidas I got back on the 4th of July weekend are shoes that were designed to correct for overpronation (this is when your feet roll to the inside when walking). This is a very common problem with runners… so common that most running shoes or cross trainers have this pronation correction built into the shoe. So when I started wearing those shoes it was making my feet roll to the outside too much because I am an underpronator.  Furthermore, underpronation, or supination, is not only a very rare problem, it is genetic and is caused by the skeletal structure and IS NOT caused by being overweight!

Apparently I need to always look for “neutral shoes” with a high arch, wide base, and plenty of cushion. I tried on the two pair they carry at Dick’s and I am not even joking… I put those on and walked up and down the shoe department and all of the tension I felt in my shins with the other shoes was gone! Like seriously gone! My arches didn’t feel like my shoes had hot knives in the place of arch supports, and my feet stopped rolling to the outside. As soon as I figured out which pair of shoes I was going to be the most happy with, I came home and found them cheaper on line and ordered a pair. I can’t really afford them right now but I also can’t really afford to keep adding to the injury incorrect walking shoes was causing (especially when I walk at least 2 miles a day with my new exercise routine I am doing). As my mom so aptly put it “if it hurts to walk you are eventually going to stop walking and if you are injuring yourself every time you walk, you are eventually going to cause serious harm that is going to set you back a lot more than the three days you will have to wait for your shoes to get here”.

And yes… I did compare my foot problems to Oliver Twist back there in the first paragraph (and in the title).

In other news… I took a shit load of clothes that I was going to donate to this awesome store down town called Fat Fancy and sold them (I hate the name but I love the store). My mom gave me a load of her old clothes to sell there as well and with mine and hers combined I made $103! Since I obtained the “extra” money selling MY clothes that I paid for I decided to buy myself something I have been wanting for a while (this was about two weeks before I finally figured out the shoe debacle). After leaving Weight Watchers and going back to My Fitness Pal my silly little WW pedometer started annoying me because it only gives how many WW points you have burned as opposed to calories. This would be fine if MFP didn’t grossly over estimate your calories burned for all activities (resulting in it giving you too many calories to make up after working out). Also, the core of my cardio workouts are done in the aqua aerobics so I have had no real way to figure out how many calories I am burning in those workouts accurately. I did some research into fitness trackers and listened to a few friend recommendations and decided I wanted a Fitbit Flex.


This thing is awesome! It syncs with MFP, it has a smart phone app that works with it, it tracks your sleeping (which is good for my because of my sleep apnea and insomnia), AND I can wear it in the pool! You can read all about it here because I am not going to be writing a review here or anything. What I will say is that in addition to everything I listed above, it has been making me want to work harder. Just seeing it on my wrist makes me push a little harder. In the pool today I wanted a bigger burn and every time I started getting a little relaxed about the exercises (like ya tend to do in a pool) I would notice my wrist band and kick it back into gear. I love it! The flex might not be the right fitbit for you but I really can’t recommend them enough.

I wanted to end by telling you all that after officially “starting over” with tracking on My Fitness Pal a week ago Monday, I have lost 4 pounds! 4 pounds in a week isn’t too shabby! I updated my “About” page and added a weight loss tracker so if you want to check it out you can always see how I am doing on my weight loss goal in real time there (I weigh in every Monday). I am going to be setting mini goals because it is way easier to achieve those than thinking of the weight I want to lose in one huge chunk. My first goal is to lose the 25 pounds I gained when I quit smoking and I want to lose it by my 41st birthday (which is December 21st), which gives me a little over 13 weeks. I am pretty sure I can rock the shit out of that goal so here goes!

To recap (because I feel like I was all over the place tonight), medical professionals should stop judging their overweight patients and start listening long enough to accurately decide if the issues they are complaining about are actually weight related.  And furthermore, if you have a doctor that consistently puts you off like this, get another one. You deserve more respect and better care than that.

A little research into athletic shoes will save you a lot of grief. Fitbit Flex rocks the shit out of my world. I am officially losing weight again AND am publicly declaring goals! Oh! And you can be my friend on My Fitness Pal if you are on there… my user name is flappymcp. OMG! I need to go to bed!!! I have a host of really shitty jokes about my feet/shoes and Oliver Twist on the tip of my tongue but let’s face it, it was a shaky metaphor to begin with and the only way putting more energy into it now could not be embarrassing would be claiming that I am drunk. But it is too late for that. So yeah. Goodnight

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