Attack of the Blahs

31 May

Blerg! Last week was a long week and I am late posting because I came down with a cold and have been much too busy moping around, coughing, sneezing, and looking pathetic to organize my thoughts (I try to post on this blog every Wednesday so by week I mean my Thursday through Wednesday last week). I have no idea why Holiday weekends throw me off so much. I don’t work outside the home and my husband always has Monday off anyway, so he would be home no matter what. But they still make me all wonky about what day it is and then the week passes at an unusual speed. Add in a hacking cough that totally threw off my yoga zen this week (and kept me up a lot), and a sneezy breathing hole that made me fight with my C-Pap machine, well then you just have one overly blah lady. I think I am coming around and I have some shit to tell you guys about so let’s get on with it!

This Week’s Moments of Sucktitude:

I spent Memorial Day weekend stress eating beyond belief. There should be a name for something beyond stress eating… this is such next level stress eating… like acute onset temporary psychosis gorging. Because that is what I did… I ate like I had lost my fucking mind. One day, I went over my 1,450 a day calorie goal by over 1,300! I had a lot of emotions and I didn’t know what the fuck to do with them so I ate and felt shame about it and beat myself up. That is probably why I got fucking sick… all of the stress and then the self imposed stress I created by beating myself about it.

Also, there was no water aerobics on Monday due to the holiday. I was bummed.


This Week’s Moments of Awesome:

Did much better about being active this week and it honestly feels really good. I discovered that I can step about twice as fast as the fastest setting on the Wii Fit free step program before it freaks out and loses count or freezes. This is awesome because my inclination is to go about twice as fast. I am basically at the pace of a nice jog! I have to keep one hand on the walker when I do this and I do slow down for a minute or two every 10 minutes or so but I am doing this for an hour at a time when I do it (two cycles of the program). It is exciting. I am feeling pretty great about it. Even if I do need a little nap some days.

Also, I started counseling. I am not ready to say much about this yet. I will say that I feel happy about the decision and that my first impression of my counselor is good. Also, Portland area peeps on a fixed income should know that PCC’s graduate school program for counseling provides a very affordable counseling service. You pay $15 a session and I have been pretty happy with how things have gone so far.

Making Progress, Bitches!

So despite my grand display of stress eating over the holiday weekend, I still managed to lose 0.4 lbs! Which is better than gaining or not losing a thing at all, so I will take it! I am still moving forward even if I took a couple of steps back. This bring my total so far to 14.3lbs! Woot!

On to the jibber-jabber…

Really quickly, (because I am running out of steam and bed is calling my name), I am working on some posts for the new category I just set up for this blog. I will be adding some tips and recipes and stuff like that. Mostly just things that work for me and might also work for you. I was going to post something today but I am tired now so I will get it going tomorrow or the next day.

I had an emotionally exhausting weekend. I just have some stuff to work through and I was confronted with that stuff. It is some pretty big stuff so I was especially overwhelmed. This is the biggest reason I decided to go to counseling. I need some better tools for dealing with stress. I am still coming down from being so wound up. One good thing that came of it was the fact that I found out exercise really does help me feel better. I worked out Monday afternoon simply because I honestly didn’t know what the fuck else to do with the anger, anxiety, and hurt I was feeling. It was get out the Wii balance board and my walker, and walk that shit out, or explode. Incidentally, this is how I discovered that I can walk faster than the fastest pace the Wii sets and not screw it up. I am looking forward to another week of ass kicking.

Oh! One more thing before I go! I use a Fitbit Flex to track my activity so I know how many calories I am burning through the day. I find this more accurate than tracking activity through My Fitness Pal because I feel like it really credits too many calories burned for the activity done. Anyway, Fitbit emails me a weekly report and I thought it would be interesting to share here on my weekly posts. Fitbit tracks Mon-Fri, so these reports won’t exactly follow the Weds – Thurs format I follow according to my weigh-ins (I really hate weighing in on Mondays for some reason), but I thought it would be more motivation for me to move more if I were showing how much I am moving here. So yeah, here is my first report… My goal is 10,000 steps a day.

Hi Katie C., here are your weekly stats 5/19/2014 to 5/25/2014
Week’s most active day: Friday, May 23
Week’s least active day: Sunday, May 25
Total steps: 44,091
Daily average: 6,299 steps
Best day: 8,399 steps
Total distance: 14.63 miles
Daily average 2.09 miles
Best day: 2.79 miles
Average sleep: 5 hrs 42 min
Average times awakened: 15
Average time to fall asleep: 0hrs 18min



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