Yet Another Update: First and foremost, an update on my status as a nonsmoker. I quit two years ago on September 4th. I am still a nonsmoker and at the time of this update (Feb 1st 2015) I am almost exactly at a month shy of of two and a half years. I don’t plan on smoking ever again. I could mind you. But I won’t. It have moved on. I am still struggling with a lot of things in my life but an addiction to nicotine isn’t one of those. This blog is going to be getting uncomfortably real for the foreseeable future… I am working on some pretty serious shit and because I no longer want that shit to own me, I am sticking with my commitment to talk about my struggles here. Brace yourself.
Also know that I do love your encouraging comments but any negative ones will be ignored. I don’t have time for cruelty or any other such bullshit. In fact, if you are the sort of person who likes to troll or even lives under the delusion that your shitty comments are someone provocative, I suggest you see a therapist.


UPDATE: I should probably rewrite this whole “About” section, but I am just way too fucking lazy for that! You can still read what this blog is all about/started out being about below but I thought it important to make sure that people know I just celebrated my first year as a nonsmoker! So yeah, I am pretty proud of that. That being said, I still have a lot of things that I want to change in my life and a lot of issues to tackle. So what I am saying is that I will continue to share about my struggles with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, my weight, aging not so gracefully, parenting beyond the high school years and whatever else I feel might be relevant to other people. We are all human. We all have struggles and that is nothing shameful. Lets talk about this shit, yo!


Hi, I am Katie. I think most who will become readers of this rendition of the Evil Seamstress Blog are probably people who already know me but in the case I happen to pick up a few stragglers here is a little back-story on this blog. Evil Seamstress was my very first blog. It started with snarky/witty/a little insane commentary on life as I see it and slowly progressed into a place that I shared my sewing, art, and writing. A couple of years ago I decided to create a blog that was strictly for my art so I began Katie Cahill Art and tried to keep this blog going as a separate entity. After a year or so that became way too much to keep track of given my school schedule and life’s daily challenges so I packed up my Evil Seamstress Archives and  moved them to my art blog, saving this place for something special.

Well, I have finally found something special. It is called a fucking midlife crisis! I know, fun, right?!??! Seriously, I am turning 40 in December and it is just not sitting well with me… mostly because I am over weight, I can feel my looks slipping between my fingers, and I have accomplished nothing that I thought I would have on a personal level by the time I reached 40. Yes, I was kicked in the proverbial wiener by life a lot in my 30s but being frozen by fear of the unknown and things I cannot control in response to all of this cosmic junk bashing clearly hasn’t been working out for me. It is time for a change!

This change started when I quit smoking on September 4th, 2012. I knew I wouldn’t quit if I didn’t set it up so public humiliation would be the consequence for failure, so I made a very public announcement on Facebook and my art blog. It has only been three weeks so far but I can tell you now that I am absolutely done smoking. This got me thinking… why not make the other life changes that I so desperately want to happen publicly as well? I couldn’t think of a good reason not to so here I am! My hope is that this will keep me on task and maybe entertain a few people, and if publicly overcoming my struggles helps someone else along the way that would be awesome (and make me less of a narcissistic boob).

A quick warning: This is probably going to get ugly at times and ugly in many different ways. I am going to swear a ton because that is what I do. My emotions are going to run a pretty psychotic gambit and I am going to spew all of my frustrations and triumphs all over this blog. If you don’t like it then please feel free to not read my blog, ever.


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