The Awesome Talks Project Podcast


The Awesome Talks Project is an experimental podcast…

Approximately once a month Katie and two or more of her friends will get together to discuss an issue while recording the conversation. These will be completely unscripted conversations. The only thing the panel will know ahead of time is the topic. Katie selects the panel from a pool of friends who wanted to be involved in this project (The Awesome Counsel for The Awesome Talks Project) based on what she feels will be a good conversational dynamic (and who is available to participate each month).

This podcast is completely unedited beyond background noise removal and volume leveling (a little production value gift for your ear holes). The idea of this project is to capture those amazing talks we have with our friends and share them with the world. You know when you end a phone call or part from your group of friends for the night after a productive conversation and you think “Damn… that was an awesome talk!”; well that is what we are trying to capture here.

Because I already produce, hosts, and write for the Two Artsy Gals podcast, there are no official websites or social media accounts for this one.  However, though this is intended to be a no pressure situation for me and a fun, helpful, and fulfilling situation for everyone involved, I do think there is a lot of topic crossover my readers here would relate to and enjoy (and maybe coming here once a month will encourage me to write more).

You can subscribe to the Awesome Talks Project on iTunes, Stitcher, through the PodOmatic player… or anywhere else you listen to your podcasts. As this is a monthly experimental podcast Katie doesn’t want to pay for hosting so as space runs out on PodOmatic, older episodes will be moved to iTunes. As those become available they will be added here. To stay current remember to subscribe on iTunes… or you can just wait for them to appear here monthly (this page will always be four to five episodes behind iTunes).





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